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A Belgian manufacturer of fiber reinforcement for composite components is looking for advanced manufacturing partners.
The Belgian mineral fibers manufacturer, located in Wallonia, is one of the leaders of high performance fiber reinforcement for composite material and offers a wide range of advantages for reinforced composite as high-end products (aerospace, sport, shipbuilding, ballistic, impact applications).Companies interested in license or technical cooperation agreements are sought.
Stage of Development
Already on the market.
About Us
Type and size: Industry SME 11-49
Languages spoken: English, Dutch, Russian, French
Origin: Belgium
Partnership Sought
Types of partnership considered:
Manufacturing agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Type and role of partner sought:
Role of partner : through manufacturing agreement, the partner will be equipped for industrial use of high performance reinforcement fibers as component of composite material designed for specific applications or sector of applications.

Type of partner sought: Companies
- Task to be performed: Acquisition of this technology through license agreement. Technical cooperation agreements through:
• Joint development of new applications,
• Adaptation to the company’s needs,
• Technical reports and scientific assessment.
Interesting Countries
All countries.
Established in 2002 the Belgian company is specialised in production of fiber reinforcement for composite materials and has developed numerous partnerships to propose semi-finished products like woven, knittied, braided fabrics or needle punched... for high-end quality.

In the processes towards the many possible industrial applications, the production of pre-impregnated (or pre-preg) composite fibers is an important intermediary step between the production of reinforcement fibers and the production of high performance composite material and technical textiles
It allows to obtain the basis material, by bonding reinforcement fibers and by example epoxy or polyamide, used for the manufacturing of the final parts or components.

It is therefore of interest for the Belgian company to establish strong relations with producers of pre-preg material designed specifically for families of industrial applications. That would allow the pre-preg producer to benefit from a product having a lot of interesting mechanical and thermical properties and being 100% recyclable. On the other hand, the Belgian producer could adapt its product to the specific requirements of particular applications.

Manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement are especially targeted in an increasing market.
Advantages and Innovations
The SME manufactures unique fiber reinforcement for high performance applications in composites : the production of this volcanic rock filaments is unique thanks to a genuine and innovative treatment of the raw material, basalt, which is enriched with various mineral additives to increase and guarantee its original mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.

The product has very interesting properties for any application:
- A tensile strength closed to carbon fibres (CF) allowing to handle very important pressure
- A very high resistance to fatigue problem and high impact resistance thanks to 2 times better elongation vs CF
- A very good wettability and infusion by organic matrices for many kind of resins as you can see in the global presentation
- No-bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion risks from contact with aluminium or any steel-alloys at the junctions

- Regarding the thermal properties, it gives:
- A transition temperature where there is any shrinkage to 740°C
- A softening point to 950°C
- A linear coefficient of thermal expansion 20°C (ASTM D696): 3.72 * 10-6 /°C
- A heat capacity to 0.86 J/g.K
- No smoke or ash dissipation

The Fibers are fully recyclable (pyrolysis process).

The SME respects the environmental directives listed in the REACH legislation. Each chemical substance produced in/or imported into Europe must be registered, evaluated and controlled. The fibres only contain registered substances, conforming to the legislation.
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