What? EENmatch.eu is a business matching site where you easily can find new global business partners within EU and beyond.

You will be searching among over 20 000 different offers and requests of new technologies and business opportunities (suppliers, agents and distributors) as well as EU projects and partner search.
Who? All partner opportunities you find here come from Enterprise Europe Network and are from more than 50 countries.

New partnership proposals are added daily so please register to be updated.
How? You can create your own offer or request by contacting your nearest EEN office.

Swedish visitors can find it easily on our contact page.
How it works
Please enter your keywords and start searching. To narrow your search – choose between offer, request and EU project or specific countries.

When you find an interesting partnership proposal click on the button and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) will connect you.

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Search for a specific reference number?
Start the search text with the letters POD.
OFFER means someone has a technology or business offer and is looking for partners.
REQUEST means someone is asking for a technology or business solution and is looking for partners.
EU-PROJECT means someone is looking for partners to their EU-project or would like to join your EU project.
Contact Us
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is helping small and medium size companies to make the most of business opportunities in the European Union. They have close to 600 member organisations.
If you have any questions about this website, please send an email to info@eenmatch.eu.
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